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The Makings of a Powerful Bitch - #1 New Release

A Woman’s Guide to Embracing Change and Finding Peace and Purpose

I firmly believe that writing is one of the most therapeutic things a person can do. Writing a book that will be read by women across the globe, however, is wholly terrifying.

…which is why I did it.

We often hear of people conquering fears and doing the things that frighten them.  We hear about their bravery, but rarely about their vulnerability because it’s misunderstood as weakness. The Makings of a Powerful Bitch reveals that…

You can be vulnerable and brave at the same time – in fact, it is our power.

This book is for anyone who ever felt they’re not enough, who was ever made to feel powerless, and anyone who is ready to take their life back. It’s for women like me who were raised to believe that results were more important than the journey, and upholding a certain standard of excellence in every endeavour is paramount to happiness. It’s for women who have put everyone else’s needs before their own for far too long.

The Makings of a Powerful Bitch is a call to action and a detailed blueprint for every woman who is ready to reclaim her power, find her voice, and become the powerful being she was always meant to be. It is a book about unapologetically being yourself, owning your story, embracing change, and finding peace in the process.

I wrote this book for you, but it’s also for me. It’s a reminder that, at any given time, we have the ability to change the trajectory of our own lives. No matter how lost or scared we feel, we always have the power to choose our own path.

Realizing this truth, my friends, is the first step in making a powerful bitch!

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