Our Job

My job is to have the knowledge, but not impart unless asked.
To be a role model not of perfection, but as a human with work left to do and battles to be fought.
My job is to ask the questions, not so that I get to be familiar with your soul, but so that you do.
Our job is to explore what excites you and fills you with curiosity.
Our job is to dip into what frightens you and start to challenge those fears.
Our job is to fully understand what gives you energy and joy, and what drains it from your being.
Change of not just behavior, but of long held beliefs.

This can be arduous, painstakingly slow in the chaos of life.

Sometimes we all need a partner.
To aid in clearing the fog.
Mind shifts, perceptions, and ways of being, can be permanently altered. Never to go back to the way they once existed.
Until one day you find yourself laughing out loud, accepting love, treating yourself with care and awakening in anticipation of how the day will unfold.
My job is my passion. 

To help you find yours.