Mind/Body Change Expert

I am beyond fortunate to belong to an amazing collective of talented business women. One of the astute ladies posed the question of what we call ourselves and it had me stumbling. I always go back to my titles but they are so lacking in clarity and description that I find listeners eyes glaze over with boredom or confusion.
I was introduced to wellness coaching in 2010 and at the time completely misunderstood what it’s practice entailed but was fascinated such a career could exist. This marked the beginning of my educational journey to remain in the helping profession but in a drastically different way.
I was catapulted into a vast treasure trove of science.  Mindfulness , self compassion, nutrition for performance , neuroscience and self love . Anything related to how the mind and body could work for our benefit, success and happiness. Every book recommended I read. I attended classes like a whirling obsessive while simultaneously nursing and holding on to the hope it would eventually have purpose in something grand. I worked in mental health nursing to expand my exposure. I worked for insurance companies doing contract coaching. I used a wellness model while nursing. I stopped thinking about what I thought patients needed, and began listening to them tell me what they needed .The most beneficial act ,however, was to become my own guinea pig . Doing the work I someday hoped to profess. I experienced countless periods of cynicism, pain, fear and doubt.
In the end, this career has healed my own soul in ways I can not fully grasp to this day. My breadth of knowledge and self work remains in its infancy , but I jump out of bed every day to see what it holds. I consider myself blessed with the opportunity to grow in tandem with the very women I serve. I am not the most intelligent, the most trained in the world, BUT I am obsessed. Passionate. Easing suffering has been something I have done more of my time on this planet than I have not. So Mind /Body Change Expert I am.
Thank You Emma for the question.