How to Find Your Purpose

Large undertaking, I know, right?

This blog, as do many of them, started with a life event. My husband and I are parenting the last of four boys as he approaches high school graduation. Each boy, having of course, a slightly different experience during this important time of passing.

The earlier boys benefitted from our boundless physical energy to engage with hosting friends, attending all the sports and events, and much more travel, but also received more stringent parental approaches to work/college planning. Ie “Whatcha going to do with your life buddy?”

With time, being highly involved in outside academia has lessened significantly, but hopefully in trade, we have gained wisdom and insight on what is of value to help guide the boys in the path to becoming men. 

An approach geared towards passion, happiness, respect and just being good people.

So in the kitchen I started to ask our youngest son what do you like? What are your favorite subjects and why? What are your favorite things to do? …..for the thousandth time. Of course we did not come to any radical conclusions but the ideas are brewing.

In this it occurred to me, many of the women I coach, struggle with the same questions. Many times in life doing what others wanted or liked, or what society told them they should do. One introspective client described it as feeling as though her life mimicked the scene from ” Runaway Bride” Finally Julia Roberts stated she was going to “find out how she liked her own damn eggs.”

So let me offer some advice, for what it may be worth to you today. 

First of all, to alleviate some of the enormity of the task, I suggest you think about purpose right now. During this time, or season of your life. As you and your life circumstances change, often so follows your purpose.

Next grab a piece of paper.

Place a line vertically down the center. On the left side describe what you love to do. What lights you up. Anything silly is welcome. Dancing in the kitchen, making people laugh, doing crafts, solving big problems, working with numbers or words? Name your capabilities, talents and preferences. Do you like to work in teams or solo? Being upfront and outloud? or a quiet behind the scenes player? No limiting thoughts allowed please!

On the right side of the paper write down at least one of your biggest life struggles from which you have recovered. Specifically what you know now about yourself and life that helped you to heal? What solutions took more time to find? What do you think could have shortened or lessened your pain? Who helped and how exactly did they help? What stands out that you feel so grateful came to pass? Is there a piece of common humanity present? Others that shared similar issues that made you feel less alone? Hard one here, but what strengths evolved because of this?

Now wrap this paper as a scroll, words on the inside so they may mix and be tightly interwoven. Tie with the nicest ribbon you own and place somewhere visible but protected.

For this just might be your innermost magic, and it deserves a sacred place.

Just see,

Just see,

What develops.

Love you all.