You Will Never Know

You will never know the magnitude of what you have given me.

When I brush my teeth and imagine you working out at home to climb a mountain, row a boat or dance at a wedding. Seeing your determination in my minds eye.

You will never know the pure joy in my heart when you tell me you have shared with trembling hands your art, your words, your most cherished, creative works with the big, harsh, world.

You will never know the ear to ear grin I sport all day, when I hear you went to a new class alone not knowing a soul, and made new meaningful connections.Or you had a friend over to an imperfect home and had the best time.

The happy dance I do when you tell me how much weight you have lost, and how the daily pain has lessened almost to extinction.

The excitement I feel imaging your outfit for the scary new job and hoping you remember to breathe.

The relief I feel for those who have forgiven the wrong doing done to them, but especially for those of you who have forgiven yourself.

My worry for those of you who have pain with change, from those who surround you that may not appreciate a stronger you.

I see you all at times. Going about your days, but with changes for good evolving. A lighter step. Deeper hugs. Worthiness expansive. At least that is what I choose to hold close.

If my career ended today, when I am as old as I can be, I will still see your faces and smile.

How could you possibly know??