Why Lean into Fear for Coaching??

One-on-one wellness coaching is among the most effective approaches in helping people make and SUSTAIN life improvements. Coaching focuses on:

Offering a space for thought provoking questions to uncover YOUR purpose centered motivations to live a healthy and abundant life. Guides you in full ownership and belief in the possibility of high performance wellbeing. Developing long-lasting positive behavior changes.

Wellness coaching is comprehensive and customized. I will help you develop a positive vision and an action plan. The experience will help propel you forward, stirring you to achieve more, and execute the necessary steps to realize your vision!  


• Increases in accountability and partnership  • Permission to focus on you and the way you feel and function  • Collaborative problem-solving and goal setting • Safe, open, and honest dialogue  • An improved ability to utilize and build upon your unique strengths.

A Certified Coach can assist you with a variety of topics including:  

• Improving energy  • Nutrition • Fitness  • Weight management • Stress management  • Smoking cessation • Risk factor modification for elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood sugar  • Improving life satisfaction with relationships, confidence and career struggles.

I possess a  25 yr practice as an RN in a multitude of areas including behavorial health. Wellcoach Certification & National Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching has afforded me a unique appreciation, comfort and understanding of neuroscience, physiology as well as the psychology of behavior change. I have participated in advanced further training in tobacco cessation as well as countless medical and psychological training opportunities. I have a skilled nursing/coaching background working with metabolic disease and am familiar with dietary and exercise guidelines of best practice.

I have a particular interest in the pathology of chronic stress and it’s effect on general well being , thinking and the nervous system response. Due to this interest , as well as it’s prevalence in today’s society , I have completed a variety of training opportunities with the Institute for Brain Potential and others professional organizations. Further study has been completed for a more comprehensive understanding in the role of diet and exercise, self compassion, positive psychology and practices of meditation and mindfulness in easing these symptoms. Lastly. but most importantly, my history in struggling with deficit and perfectionist thinking ,self confidence and lack of spontaneity and joy in life has instilled in my heart an empathetic obsession to offer solutions in easing any of yours.