Why I rarely offer a “diet “opinion

Number one is the self preservation factor.Offering an opinion on diets in the health coaching industry is akin to the business man loudly screaming a political viewpoint.

The main reason I do not offer my opinion on a diet will come later but first of all let’s just go there. During my study for National Boards we had clinical research in piles and piles put in front of us to read. In the end it all boiled down to the simplicity which I have instinctually known for a very long time.

Those who have known me for longer that 10 years can attest to the fact I have been 15 to 20 pounds heavier most of my adult life due to dieting.( not including pregnancy because when I reached over a certain point I refused to be told, actually getting on the physician scales backwards( like a stubborn child I hid from number.)

Thankfully I had an epiphany one day while dancing in the kitchen with a child on my hip, that I wanted to be strong. That boys needed a strong role model. For me it became that I very much wanted my boys(and my husband) to think I was a beast. As silly as this sounds it spoke to me and to this day pushes me forward.

So I started thinking a lot more about what I needed for strength and performance. This in the end, was part common sense and very rudimentary nutrition awareness. I knew as a nurse what post op and burn victims needed for healing. I knew what vitamins and minerals were added to supplemental nutrition for those who could not eat. And turns out that stuff is what exists on the planet. Like it was designed that way. Huh?

As time has gone by I have added to my repertoire of knowledge. Aggregate science backed nutrition research. Hands down to this date in time ,Mediterranean Style diet has the most benefits to health. Now before you all suffer with wanting to comment and yell at me, this part is not my opinion. Foods such as nuts ,seeds, lentils, fruits, vegetables,beans, lean sources of protein, healthy fats, all minimally processed contain sources of vitamins and minerals we need to make hormones, repair tissues and most excitedly for me make neurotransmitters that make us happier, more focused ,calm and just generally kick ass women. If you breathe air and have chemical reactions going on in your body you will have oxidative stress and antioxidants are not highly available in your donut.And speaking of donut “the poison is in the dose.” A lot of this and you will statistically increase the chances of having metabolic issues from central obesity, diabetes , high cholesterol ,hypertension and now alzheimers.

Now here is my common sense . We have existed on this planet as modern humans for approx 200,000 years. Just as our brains can not find peace and calm with the pace of our technology, our bodies can not possibly keep up with all our preservatives ,chemicals and additives.Secondly I know from nursing, homeostasis principles and how our bodies strive very hard to get our needs met. If you fill yourself up on foods that do not meet your nutrition requirements you will ,you will, likely remain hungry.

You can do your own variation on a diet that suits you and this too is one of the reasons I do not offer my two cents. If you choose paleo, weight watchers or intermittent fasting with the same commitment to getting your nutrition needs met who the heck am I to tell you no?? If you choose vegan for moral reasons I would say it might be harder and suggest a nutritionist to be sure but then again ,it is up to you.

Now lest you believe I am a purist I kid you not. I like my occasional cocktail ,dark chocolate and will add a wendy’s salad to my own stuff in the fridge on any given day. But I try and I believe my lack in rigidity and self judgement has freed me to succeed. And at 50 I am much stronger than at 30.

So to what I do know. In human psychology ,is it is much easier to focus on adding the good versus ruminating white knuckled on removing the “bad.” Just consider the annoying friend . Is it easier to change her from being annoying to you or is it more enticing to grow more fulfilling friendships so her role has less space in your mind?Intentionally adding what you know your body needs and fully committing to the idea you deserve it, is in my experience the way to proceed.

That being all said you can disregard this entire post.I am not a nutrition expert and bow my head to those who are. This respect is one of the reasons I find myself not audaciously full throatedly committal in diet advice.

I am however ,an expert in behavior change.

I know for certain that my simply transferring knowledge does not change you. You gaining knowledge you see as valuable is a start. You committing to your own salient personal WHY a change is needed gets you further down the path. This is where my work begins. In helping uncover the why.

But even then the most difficult of journey remains untravelled. Action. Everyday ,mundane, hard to do, unsexy, not marketable real life action. This is also where I help you , in the designing.

Sounds simple.

For a lot of us though, anything but.