Why Group Coaching?

Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and if you have ever had to function in a group setting, you know just how true this statement is…

Whether you’re the owner or manager of a business, lead a civic organization, or operate a social club you know that things just work better when everyone is happy, healthy, feeling positive, and are running on all cylinders. By giving your group the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, maximize their potential, awaken intrinsic motivation, and make permanent habit change you are creating positive shifts in their lives which then translates into positive change within your group. Lean Into Fear Coaching offers transformative, science-based workshops that deliver authentic motivation to change physical states and mindsets with upward, lasting high-impact results.

Premium Package & Topic Workshops focus on the following:

  • Stress & Solutions: Stress…Pervasive, and unfortunately, normalized. Society seems to be placing an ever-growing list of demands on our time, our focus, and our energy… and oftentimes we unknowingly exacerbate our stress. Come together to learn the damage chronic overwhelm is causing, why it is so prevalent, and take home a multitude of strategies to reduce its impact.
  • Designing Goals for Success: Setting goals is fairly easy, it’s the follow through that’s tough! We tend to slip because we are human and habits are relentlessly stubborn. This workshop will teach you EXACTLY HOW to dig deep for authentic, personal motivation and will demonstrate how to structure planning, to vastly increase your chances of meeting and exceeding goals.
  • Winning at Habit Change: On average, 40% of our days are spent on autopilot completing doing AND thinking habit behaviors! This workshop gives valuable insight into how habits are created, how to establish new healthy behaviors, and how to replace or halt the habits that are no longer serving you!
  • Creating Happiness: YES there is a science of happiness, and YES there are specific things you can DO to get more of it! Our personalities are 50-60% fixed but that leaves a lot of room for joy, peace, and belly laughs! Find out the everyday simple techniques that result in noticeable increases to your happiness quotient!
  • Finding Worthiness and Peace Through Self Compassion: Do you ever feel as though life is just passing you by and you’re in a never ending cycle of overdoing? Of constantly telling yourself you’d get what you want if you just try harder? Or continually being self critical in an attempt to overcome perceived failures? You know you are worthy of so much more in business and in your  personal life, but feel powerless to make change. Learn how self-compassion is NOT a pity party but an antidote and a tool for achieving joy and success.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Do you ever feel like you don’t REALLY have all your career or personal stuff together as much as others believe you might? That it is only a matter of time until your cover is blown or you fail? Sometimes this is the dirty secret and downside of intelligence and striving for success. Learn what imposter syndrome is, and how to alleviate this thinking in an open, casual discussion. This is a tough topic made fun!


  • Three one-hour group sessions covering a single topic or three different topics from the list above
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Access via email to address questions between sessions
  • Color printed take-away material covering the session topic(s)
  • Return Site Visit if requested for 45 minutes for Questions and Answers – Complimentary
  • If individual coaching is desired, attendees all receive a 10% discount on sessions for three months following the workshop
  • $625


  • One 90-minute workshop covering a single topic from the list above
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Printed take-away material covering the session topic of your choosing
  • If additional coaching is desired, attendees will receive a 10% discount on sessions for one month following the workshop
  • $225
  • A return site visit for a 45 minute question and answer session (if requested) $80


This is THE package for ladies groups, networking sessions, a co-working team building lunch, or “Happiness Hour” with friends. This is the change moments and connection that arises from a simple but powerful open forum question and answer around ANY wellbeing topics! We can deeply discuss stress, diet struggles, negative self-talk, habit change, or anything else your group has a desire to cover! This is a UNIQUE workshop guided by a compassionate, quirky mind/body expert in a nonjudgemental atmosphere! As always, this is a no pressure event and no emails are ever collected.

  • Unlimited attendees
  • 10% discount on individual coaching, if desired, for one month following the workshop
  • 60 minutes for $150 or 90 minutes for $200

Lean into Fear is also willing to adapt some for unique needs/interests. Presentations have occurred in a variety of settings from large fitness facilities, women’s networking groups, healthcare offices, to downtown corporate settings and each had particular requests.

Please reach out today with further questions. We can chat to plan ways to meet your unique groups needs! http://shawnaoliver.com/contact-shawna-oliver/