Why and How I Can Offer You Change

“Is this it?? Is this what my life will feel like forever? “
Decades in the “Health” field had exposed me to the suffering of the very sick, but I often found myself personally touched by the individuals termed “well”. Everyday people who are surviving, but not thriving. It may show up as weight gain, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, sadness ,insomnia or a host of other chronic disease symptoms. People finding themselves in a place I have coined “The Misery Gap.” That place between where you are with something you value, and where you desperately desire to be. An uncomfortable place…
Sometimes it may be lack of support, not knowing your heartfelt motivation, overwhelming stress or habits of negative self talk, but regardless it comes up over and over stirring a place in your mind and soul. You find yourself missing out on opportunities of joy and connection as this unresolved area looms large permeating every day moments.
I have been there. Experienced the feeling that life was overwhelming and lacking texture, joy and spontaneity. I was resolute to find solutions. It involved 9 years of study, training, certifications, personal effort, vulnerability and tears (as well as my 2 decade nursing background). I truly believe I have found realistic, science based options revolving around exercise, nutrition, stress management and Yes happiness.
Now I am passionate to share with others so their lives can be a little easier, peaceful and optimistic. I am honored to offer a place where the focus is you. We will create forward moving actionable steps. There will not be one type of plan, instructions, diet or directions. Every life, every person’s hopes and dreams respected.