When in Doubt, Get an Ice Cream…..Headache

Yes it is Maine. Yes it is April 2nd and it is cold, windy and raining. Yes I ran outdoors and did not encounter a single soul. After my warm shower the headache has faded, but its benefits will linger.

Why would you want to choose to go outside today and embrace an ice cream headache?

Because running through puddles will remind you of your childhood.

Because lack of choice is weighing us down and we should capture the ones we still have.

Because if you do nothing else today, that offers any defining sense of accomplishment, this will.

Because there are no walls.

Because it will relieve the stress that is shutting down our vital empathy.

Because it will offer you the focus, calm and clarity needed to serve the important people and groups relying on you to stay strong.

Because if we can walk or run outside, we are blessed enough to choose our discomfort. Never more than now, is that an immense privilege denied to countless.

Because the creatures of nature are not speaking of distress and illness.

Because it is a symbol for what we can do.
Continue to put one foot in front of the other.
Use our gifts and resources to provide something of value, and hope.
And if very very lucky,
Awaken the next day to do it again.