What Kind of a Coach Am I Anyway ??

The kind of a coach that really understands how hard it is to change. All the mind’s and emotional pitfalls

Who understands not everyone’s destination is the same and more importantly, their ways of arriving there are as unique as their DNA.

That intimately relates to the fear of failure AND what is at risk in success .

That the gap between intentions and doing looms very large without every imaginable type of tool and support.

That believing you can, and having someone share that belief beside you, is magical.

That the stress of not feeling worthy or feeling isolated can be paralyzing.

That ways of coping that no longer serve you, CAN be changed.

That dreams not chased will crush your soul ….eventually.

I help women find diet and exercise routines that suit them and their lifestyles. I help people quit smoking. I help women get to know the voices that tell them they are not enough and help disprove them one by one. I help women face the fear of starting a business. I help women give up old habits and replace with ones that add joy and health in their life. I help them learn to say no, to learn to say yes. To honor what there inner voices have been screaming at them with physical ailments and stress manifestations. I help them play again. I help with, yes, I dare say Happiness. Because I fought hard for it. The happier me wants all to share in this feeling. To be kind. To be calmer. To wish others peace .To hug deeply and frequently.

And in this work, I am always, always honored.