What Can Coaching Change?

Women that engage in Lean into Fear services are incredible, open hearted, passionate and determined. The flow of an in person or phone session is not only unique from woman to woman but from session to session. I believe in following the client’s greatest need and where their energy for topics lies moment by moment. That being said ,theses are 100 % reflection statements made by the women I have been honored to assist in this life changing work.

Before working with Shawna I never would have….

Finally found personal, effective solutions to manage my out of control stress and worry habit.

Left my unfulfilling job and began one that has reignited my creativity and energy for career.

Had the necessary but scary emotional conversations with those closest to me, to gain more security and authenticity in relationships.

Given up my diet mentality or found other tools for stress eating and lost weight for good.

Tried new hobbies just for fun, taken exercise classes, gone to events alone, and stopped worrying about everyone else’s opinion all the time.

Started this new business.

Stopped dating men who treated me less than I deserve, out of pure fear of being alone.

Prioritized self care ,used self compassion, forgiven old mistakes, and smiled and laughed more freely everyday.

The women do the work.

I am merely a guide, a cheerleader, and an intuitive listener.