Time Vampires and Being a Hypocrite

Both sound nasty right?? Well that has become my playing field lately and neither is sitting okay in my restless but currently tired soul.

I started my business with an overwhelming need to help women develop habits of self care and this includes time management and fully spending day with intention. I also pride myself on practicing what I preach. I eat well, I exercise, I meditate ,I say “No”but I am failing by allowing myself to work in a scattered manner and be treated as less than a professional. I own this in its entirety.

I maintain professional standards for all the necessary areas of my practice while simultaneously offering a laid back atmosphere. I practice confidentiality . I have liability insurance and scopes of practice. I do not sell products as may confuse consumer in my area of expertise. I maintain educational requirements for three separate professional bodies, all requiring participation in ongoing education and testing.

My time, as is yours , is valuable. I schedule, market, do billing and accounting. I study endlessly and prepare for countless hours to offer science based useful workshop materials.I know your schedules are no less hectic by any means.

But I allow myself to be distracted by social media. Reading things that do not add to my personal or professional repertoire. I spend far too much time outside sessions looking at what does not represent behavior change subjects and/or the greatest needs of my client population. I am not careful in my scheduling which interrupts time flow of achieving tasks productively. I enjoy my clients and go over one hour time appointments on a regular basis. ( more fun to talk then study, market or write ).I reschedule last minute clients far too often at the cost of allowing myself replacement appointments or chunks of time to research/study/prepare/do CEU’s or write a blog.

As I stated I own this. I feel the most fatigued on days that lack a focused work flow and it is hurting how I show up in session.(Like many women I will tolerate something until it affects someone else.)

So going forth my scheduling will be different. With the exception of first time appointments all will be completed in one hour . Less than 24 hrs cancellation/reschedules will be billed . I still VERY much would like your positive communication regarding awesome highlights of your life and goal achievement but will respond during work hours only.

I hope this new way of being allows me to have the best of energy, commitment and attention in all areas of my business but most importantly during time with you.

Respectfully with love.