Stress Eating

It’s a chicken and an egg….but if only we chose the chicken or an egg. The kids, work ,bills ,texts ,deadlines and cranky bosses. All bombarding us during the day while we keep smiling , until a certain point when the chips or chocolate or pick your vice beckons. Sugar coma and yes it works…at least until the following morning when you get on the scale or your aching back and knees revisit and the self recrimination starts.( unless you are one of those genetically metabolic oddities that remain slim and peppy and then we can’t be friends)

So turns out up to 95% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine ( happy chemicals) are produced in the gut and the necessary ingredients are not found in Coco Pebbles. Sorry. When we eat the right foods we are happier, calmer and ironically feel the need to stress eat less . Plus we produce positive chemicals from a sense of accomplishment.

So it remains reasonable that when we manage our stress in mini breaks during day and with ongoing habits such as yoga, exercise, downtime with ones we love, meditation ,etc we stress eat less. Huh. Sounds basic but deeply embedded thoughts, mindsets and defeats leave us in painful cycles of failure. That’s where a coach( me me pick me) can help.

So I like to encourage a two pronged approach. Stress Management through a variety of methods AND Healthy Eating Habits ( and yes any poultry product or by product is welcome if you so desire).