Quick Fixes, Shiny Things and Mixed Feelings on The Power of Words

As a child and to this day I love books and words. My doll carriage was devoid of dolls…just mountains of well-worn books. Family members to this day describe hearing the wheels turning and knowing I was coming to harass them to read to me.
Words of comfort in times of need give immeasurable relief. Encouraging words in a time of struggle can lift another up and give them strength to move forward another day. Positive self-talk and mantras can soothe when self-doubt is looming.
But this is where my struggle lies. Eckhart Tolle wrote a book that my “action “brain just couldn’t completely grasp. Here lies the conundrum. Every client I see we discuss visions. A crucial piece of changing behavior is knowing to precise detail what you want and WHY you want it DEEPLY. But then the work must begin.
I heard a speaker recently who said: “Get in line and stay in line.” Powerful word to me. Many out there seeking solutions to serious problems with a painless fix from the outside, instead of the reverse. Marriages, child rearing, careers and all healthy behaviors require digging deep and movement.
When someone tells us something we can be impressed. When they show us something with behavior …Much more so. But what really gets our brain’s attention is CONSISTENCY. Repeated Reliability.
Why would YOUR BELIEFS on your own potential and capabilities be any different??