A Financial Plan to Peace and Poverty.

Number one. Be myself. This was preplanned before I even named my business. I spent many years covering up how I felt, doing what made me miserable for others ,or pretending to be perfect. Definitely not going back to that mess for anything. Maybe my business faux pas number one.

Not doing business with mean or outright greedy people .Unfortunately I met some “mean girl” women right out of the gate while networking. The ones who won’t speak ,walk away ,or deride someone two seconds into meeting. Who won’t ask a second question to the newcomer or young creative beside me with a dream.

Discerning the person who is solely money driven only requires same actions as not completed in the above scenario. A second or third question to understand how a potential business partner believes in their heart what they contribute offers something of value. If you pay attention you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice and it is magical.

Not selling products or other health services . I love products and services!!!! My job is not to sell products though, even if I use and love myself. Because what works for one doesn’t always interest another. Each client has unique needs and personalities. If I promote an at home work out DVD for someone who thrives on social connection and accountability ,I am not helping them but hurting them. If someone is perimenopausal and is interested in essential oils I will give them my limited knowledge on use.( and a friend’s name if request). If someone asks me how to raise their good cholesterol I will say EVOO but not sell them a particular brand. I love green tea and will tell you the science and may offer you a cup…for free. I sell individual behavior change and positive psychology only.( plus I am part of a national movement to clarify some things in this arena and can’t go against that endeavor as respect it’s cause)

Just a note for clarity…… this is not to say I won’t promote ,advocate and get a bullhorn for another woman I know that offers something fabulous that a client or friend may NEED/WANT in their life!!(Just no money for me cause remember we are going for poverty.)

Spend some time and money on classes and education developing your craft.( formal or not) Not for titles and recognition but because education offers you security in knowing you are working hard to offer something worthy of someone else’s hard earned money.

Compassion with caution for those who have hurt you. Those who have used what you gave in kindness ,willingly ,to promote themselves without credit. Or even worse lied about you.

This one is in development for me. I am a known woods walker. Many times I had moments of such hopelessness and scarcity . Carrying not just the burden of harsh financial worries but the terror of not being able to make a life and living offering my dream. I have been tempted or skated a slippery slope . I try to understand another’s actions committed out of fear or pain. So I work on second chances. I work on being gracious out of strength.

Even if it “costs” me.

Time will tell.