Our Profound Need for A Third Place.

Most of the women I know can relate to the yearning of a third place. Home and work often symbolizing the never ending list of to do’s and responsibilities. We crave a place to merely be. To dream. To remember who we really are as beings. What makes us laugh and wounds our hearts. Our essence without the titles….Mom ,Wife, Daughter, Employee…. and so many more.
But what happens if even in that third place, when all the physical activities of doing stop, our minds remain firmly planted in place one , two…or both?? The lists of doing or lack of worthiness a constant chatter in our heads causing us tension so that we never feel quite okay and even worse the stories and lists seeming to rob us of potential present joy ?? On vacations, walks in the woods or celebratory occasions, finding ourselves with a sense of urgency to do and not just be??
I lived there a very long time. My husband especially, never quite understanding my inability to fully relax no matter the circumstance or occasion. To always be thinking about the next moment instead of living in the current one.
Only through meditation, mindfulness and self compassion practices did this begin to change. I have finally come to appreciate the third-place does not need to be a physical space so much as within myself. I offer this possibility to you as well. A place you may drop into at any moment you choose. An escape from expectations and lists . The benefits will surpass your greatest hope.
When you come to find yourself staring at eyes twinkling, hearing laughter clearer, noticing suffering that requires a hug, and best of all fully feeling the presence of love.
This work can be elusive, requires some patience, and at times it may be days before you catch the endless distraction of mental lists tensing shoulders and scattering  thoughts.
But just knowing what is available and possible offers the greatest sense of peace imagined.
My true hope is for you to know this place.
If you need help, as always, it is my privilege and honor.- me