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Why and How I Can Offer You Change

“Is this it?? Is this what my life will feel like forever? “   Decades in the “Health” field had exposed me to the suffering of the very sick, but I often found myself personally touched by the individuals termed “well”. Everyday people who are surviving, but not thriving. It may show up as weight […]

Our Profound Need for A Third Place.

Most of the women I know can relate to the yearning of a third place. Home and work often symbolizing the never ending list of to do’s and responsibilities. We crave a place to merely be. To dream. To remember who we really are as beings. What makes us laugh and wounds our hearts. Our […]

When it is NOT about What You Eat

  So many woman I am blessed to meet are forever searching for the beacon of light and find themselves surprised when they have a consult and I don’t have a “diet” plan for them to follow. As a RN and a Board Certified Health Coach, I have all the suggestions and latest information in […]

Mind/Body Change Expert

I am beyond fortunate to belong to an amazing collective of talented business women. One of the astute ladies posed the question of what we call ourselves and it had me stumbling. I always go back to my titles but they are so lacking in clarity and description that I find listeners eyes glaze over […]

Health Coaching /Permanent Lifestyle Change/Disease Management.

This is a referenced medical article that I am posting for those in or familiar with ,healthcare . Patient activation has been studied in relation to tailored health coaching for a myriad of disease processes. This article specifically makes note of two of my certifications. Permanent lifestyle change is a complex process involving psychosocial and […]

Lean into Fear Has a New Location

In a strange way this feels like starting from the beginning. I am grateful for the many amazing women who have touched my life and can’t wait to encounter more in the coming days . I can never express my gratitude for those who have supported my every move. For my friends and family , […]

Our Job

My job is to have the knowledge, but not impart unless asked. To be a role model not of perfection, but as a human with work left to do and battles to be fought. My job is to ask the questions, not so that I get to be familiar with your soul ,but so that […]

Can I use my FSA or HSA to pay for Health and Wellness Coaching?

I wish I had one answer for this question. One of the reasons I became Nationally Board Certified is because rigorous standardization of certification and billing is one of the many goals of the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching. I am an RN, which does help with some companies, especially when using supplemental finances offered […]