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Why Lean into Fear for Coaching??

One-on-one wellness coaching is among the most effective approaches in helping people make and SUSTAIN life improvements. Coaching focuses on: Offering a space for thought provoking questions to uncover YOUR purpose centered motivations to live a healthy and abundant life. Guides you in full ownership and belief in the possibility of high performance wellbeing. Developing […]

First Do No Harm

When I was SEEN a Nurse. When I was seen as a nurse my entry to a room was greeted with sighs of relief.Aid and comfort an assumption of pure intent versus acceptance with hesitant skepticism .Offers of education and knowledge with enthusiasm and gratitude.Instinctual trust of my heart’s intent.Favors appreciated as kindness, not as […]

Why and How I Can Offer You Change

“Is this it?? Is this what my life will feel like forever? “   Decades in the “Health” field had exposed me to the suffering of the very sick, but I often found myself personally touched by the individuals termed “well”. Everyday people who are surviving, but not thriving. It may show up as weight […]

Our Profound Need for A Third Place.

Most of the women I know can relate to the yearning of a third place. Home and work often symbolizing the never ending list of to do’s and responsibilities. We crave a place to merely be. To dream. To remember who we really are as beings. What makes us laugh and wounds our hearts. Our […]

When it is NOT about What You Eat

  So many woman I am blessed to meet are forever searching for the beacon of light and find themselves surprised when they have a consult and I don’t have a “diet” plan for them to follow. As a RN and a Board Certified Health Coach, I have all the suggestions and latest information in […]

Mind/Body Change Expert

I am beyond fortunate to belong to an amazing collective of talented business women. One of the astute ladies posed the question of what we call ourselves and it had me stumbling. I always go back to my titles but they are so lacking in clarity and description that I find listeners eyes glaze over […]

Health Coaching /Permanent Lifestyle Change/Disease Management.

This is a referenced medical article that I am posting for those in or familiar with ,healthcare . Patient activation has been studied in relation to tailored health coaching for a myriad of disease processes. This article specifically makes note of two of my certifications. Permanent lifestyle change is a complex process involving psychosocial and […]

Lean into Fear Has a New Location

In a strange way this feels like starting from the beginning. I am grateful for the many amazing women who have touched my life and can’t wait to encounter more in the coming days . I can never express my gratitude for those who have supported my every move. For my friends and family , […]

Our Job

My job is to have the knowledge, but not impart unless asked. To be a role model not of perfection, but as a human with work left to do and battles to be fought. My job is to ask the questions, not so that I get to be familiar with your soul ,but so that […]