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The Commitment to Share Soup

A young couple goes to a small fine diner on their first date and share a bowl of never before tasted soup. It is a sensory experience of perfection. The ambiance ,their manners, their dress and most of all the newness, excitement and romance in the sharing. A pact is made. Everyday we shall come […]

Burying the Lead

So I believe I can help women better their lives AND I can write. When I say believe I mean that in a literal way…..like scary admitting from my soul stuff. I often wondered if women could relate to me…..really relate. Friendships and family we connected, yes. But what would happen if I expanded out […]


Do you ever feel as though life is something that just happens and you have no control in any of it’s unfolding? That you find yourself vacillating between over stressed and boredom, even apathy? That you feel overstimulated by all the people in your life but quickly find yourself feeling lonely and disconnected from others? […]

Chasing Shawna

Chasing Shawna No I am not challenging you to a race…. well at least not with me. I recently took a class examining the three stages of adult development and it left me both melancholy and clear eyed. Since then it has served as a touchstone when petty things on social media are especially annoying or […]

Intentional Life

The difference between running through the woods in an act of self punishment ,or to feel the magnitude of your own strength and vitality. One leaving you fatigued and empty , the other laughing with abandonment in childlike wonder. The difference between mindlessly trudging through the tasks of the day and noticing what magnificent outcomes […]

The Jenga of 360 Wellness

Why am I happier when I eat my veggies? Why does it feel like the end of the WORLD to forget something at grocery store some days and others it is whatevah? Why is my concentration at work so AMAZING when I am working out? Why can I not seem to by pass the stupid […]

My Mom in Law’s Walk from Nova Scotia to Missouri

Motivation, purpose and vision. Topics of discussion most seminars and coaching sessions as a crucial ingredient in the arduous recipe of changing your life. My words encouraging thought and emotion regarding the what , why and for whom does it truly matter? An upside down version of the long lists of things clients dislike or […]

Why Lean into Fear for Coaching??

One-on-one wellness coaching is among the most effective approaches in helping people make and SUSTAIN life improvements. Coaching focuses on: Offering a space for thought provoking questions to uncover YOUR purpose centered motivations to live a healthy and abundant life. Guides you in full ownership and belief in the possibility of high performance wellbeing. Developing […]

First Do No Harm

When I was SEEN a Nurse. When I was seen as a nurse my entry to a room was greeted with sighs of relief.Aid and comfort an assumption of pure intent versus acceptance with hesitant skepticism .Offers of education and knowledge with enthusiasm and gratitude.Instinctual trust of my heart’s intent.Favors appreciated as kindness, not as […]

Why and How I Can Offer You Change

“Is this it?? Is this what my life will feel like forever? “   Decades in the “Health” field had exposed me to the suffering of the very sick, but I often found myself personally touched by the individuals termed “well”. Everyday people who are surviving, but not thriving. It may show up as weight […]