Tell Me

Tell me Tell me the times you were struck down by life with such ferocity but later arose weak and stumbling but with resolve to begin anew.Tell me the moments of joy so profound your heart expanded never to return to its original sizeTell me the times you fought as a warrior and achieved victory beyond […]

Nike ,Shonda Rhimes and Manifesting

So hear I go being controversial again but manifesting your destiny by fanciful thinking is nonsense. Now before you get up in arms , I am not trying to squash dreams or say they are not valuable. I am currently living out huge parts of my dream. The final piece is yet to come where […]

A Financial Plan to Peace and Poverty.

Number one. Be myself. This was preplanned before I even named my business. I spent many years covering up how I felt, doing what made me miserable for others ,or pretending to be perfect. Definitely not going back to that mess for anything. Maybe my business faux pas number one. Not doing business with mean […]

You Will Never Know

You will never know the magnitude of what you have given me. When I brush my teeth and imagine you working out at home to climb a mountain, row a boat or dance at a wedding. Seeing your determination in my minds eye. You will never know the pure joy in my heart when you […]

Stress Eating

It’s a chicken and an egg….but if only we chose the chicken or an egg. The kids, work ,bills ,texts ,deadlines and cranky bosses. All bombarding us during the day while we keep smiling , until a certain point when the chips or chocolate or pick your vice beckons. Sugar coma and yes it works…at […]

Are you Wearing Make-Up to Bed???

Not really. I rarely start with a serious question both in writing and in person. I am Canadian you know. But in the 1950’s it was common practice for women to wear make-up to bed. So their husbands would not fully see their flaws, scars and blemishes. Always to keep up the best appearance to […]

Why I rarely offer a “diet “opinion

Number one is the self preservation factor.Offering an opinion on diets in the health coaching industry is akin to the business man loudly screaming a political viewpoint. The main reason I do not offer my opinion on a diet will come later but first of all let’s just go there. During my study for National […]

My Spiritual Role Model

I read the words of The Dalai Lama , occasionally Thich Nhat Hanh. I meditate. I pray. I eat well and exercise. But the biggest influencer in my becoming a happier, more peaceful person is the man who uses the above items. Early on in our marriage as he sang incessantly and never sweated the […]

A Mechanic in the Country

9 years of my nursing career were in home health and hospice. The two can be very strange bedfellows but are bonded for efficiency and commonality of travelling to the patient versus the reverse. It often felt like catapulting back and forth from two vastly different worlds within one 8 (well 10) hour day. Home […]

The Downside of a Dream

For the last several months, I have been surrounded by intentional and active dreamers. Women who are taking the excruciating steps of baring their most inner hopes and ideas to the world. Society instinctively believes we can comprehend the torment of the musicians, the painters, photographers , the writers , and makers of magic. I […]