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Because I Am What I Am.

Somedays, a lot of days, I wonder why is this so hard?The big transition from a 20 years + practice being amedical professional to a business woman?Staying the Course.Not selling or selling out.Ethics, values, education Compassion. Because I am what I am.A healthcare provider. A desire to get up everyday and try my very best […]

When It is Not About What You Eat

  So many woman I am blessed to meet are forever searching for the beacon of light and find themselves surprised when they have a consult and I don’t have a “diet” plan for them to follow. As a RN and a Board Certified Health Coach, I have all the suggestions and latest information in […]

Mysteries of Coaching

My job is not to manage your stress, but offer proven tools to decrease the cascading response, and more importantly, to help you uncover the unmet needs and chaos creating it in the first place. My job is not to just to motivate, but to prioritize helping you develop a mindset of knowing …. You […]

What Can Coaching Change?

Women that engage in Lean into Fear services are incredible, open hearted, passionate and determined. The flow of an in person or phone session is not only unique from woman to woman but from session to session. I believe in following the client’s greatest need and where their energy for topics lies moment by moment. […]

When Kids Leave… Again

This is supposed to happen if you do it right. Your job is to make sure it happens and the transition is awesome for them and they have the tools to manage it, not without its bumps, but manage. Change and growth is good. You should feel happy and proud. Well all that rational thinking […]

Intentional Life

The difference between running through the woods in an act of self punishment ,or to feel the magnitude of your own strength and vitality. One leaving you fatigued and empty , the other laughing with abandonment in childlike wonder. The difference between mindlessly trudging through the tasks of the day and noticing what magnificent outcomes […]

What Kind of a Coach Am I Anyway ??

The kind of a coach that really understands how hard it is to change. All the mind’s and emotional pitfalls Who understands not everyone’s destination is the same and more importantly, their ways of arriving there are as unique as their DNA. That intimately relates to the fear of failure AND what is at risk […]

Missing Opportunities for Pain.

The synchronicity of fatigue in giving and still not feeling enough, taking a heart centered class, and an unexpected message has got me considering life’s missed opportunities for pain. While you may think this represents a pollyannaish view, if you have the time, I would be honored for you to hear me out. This week […]

Do You??

Do you struggle with loneliness in a room full of people? Do you feel your days are filled with a never ending series of tasks and little joy or pleasure ? Do you hope if you just achieve one more success or find the perfect job or home or partner, you could then be content […]