Questions/Answered. Myths in Health Coaching

  • THEY TELL PEOPLE WHAT TO DO (and I have enough of this in my life). Actually Health Coaches co create visions and goals based on client’s needs, wishes and lifestyle not their opinion on what a client should do. That being said , health coaches are up to date, trained and tested in science based health topics and information is always at hand IF requested. It really is a time to help you focus on true heart felt aspirations. Like any of us deep in the emotional chaos of a situation ,sometimes an outside voice is needed for clarity.
  • IT WON’T BE ANY DIFFERENT THAN ALL MY OTHER ATTEMPTS…To lose weight,quit smoking,exercise, manage stress, gain confidence etc. Health coaching in not based on a deficit mindset so it has much better results at long term success. Instead of concentrating on all the things you are not doing we focus on what you are doing well and build from there. We work with your strengths which people often don’t consider until this type of setting.
  • THEY WILL GIVE ME A HARD TIME FOR NOT KEEPING GOALS. Health Coaches know that shame does not work in behavior change but instead foster situations where people feel defeated and hopeless. Coaches aid in goal adjustment and a learning mentality with open consideration on goals not being suited, needing adjustment, different timing etc. We speak truth in a compassionate way when needed but most often cheerlead your successes!
  • I SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIGURE THIS OUT ON MY OWN. As stated above , when it comes to the emotional baggage of behavior change we often have a critical biased mindset that does not allow for trial and error.Most people know exactly what they need to do, it is the structure ,planning and execution with consistency that may fall short.
  • PEOPLE WILL KNOW ALL MY PROBLEMS. Health Coaching sessions are considered health care engagements and are treated as so. Session discussions are confidential unless you express desire for sharing with your trainer ,family member,physician etc.( or wish to share openly with friends family community!)
  • I WILL APPEAR /FEEL WEAK IF ASK FOR HELP. This one fails the smell test from the get go.The courageous do despite fear and act on their wisdom to seek assistance when it is needed.
  • IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE. Compared to nail, hair and skin care services equitable.Health Coaches as myself DO NOT upsell products ,supplements ,work out videos etc. We may love them and offer suggestions but not for profit. Compared to healthcare costs of metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure , cholesterol, diabetes chronic pain and all the symptoms of poorly managed stress such as insomnia, GI disturbances ,anxiety and depression health coaching is a small price to pay.
  • IT WOULD BE SELF INDULGENT. On this I would refer you back to a prior article on the reasons why self care is not selfish. Taking care of yourself is like recharging your battery to allow you to give back with more ease ,patience and love.
  • HEALTH COACHES HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT AND COULD NEVER RELATE. Health coaches are human beings with shortfalls ,failures, emotional stress, disappointments and struggles. Often it is through this we have found our truest passion for gaining knowledge to be of service to our clients.
  • THEY ONLY WORRY ABOUT PHYSICAL HEALTH/WEIGHT LOSS While we are not trained psychologists we do work quite frequently and comfortably with emotions. If your goals were around diet and exercise but you lost your job we are changing the topic that day to meet your greatest need. It is a flexible type of discussion and plan with YOUR best interests at the center. Even advertisers know that emotions are tied to buying a product because you would like to feel a different way than current state. Emotion based behavior change has meaning. The difference here is you are the engine creating an internal reward system instead of looking for an outside solution.
    Coaching principles can be applied to almost any life or career goal.
  • ANYONE CAN DECIDE TO BE A HEALTH COACH.While that is true and currently the title is not regulated, a varying degree of education , certification standards and scope of practice exists. I encourage “second clicking”……or third or fourth to assess a coaches background and education to choose the one that is best for you!
  • I DO NOT POSSIBLY HAVE THE TIME .”I have to go in for an appointment and I am in a hurry all the time, travelling, or I live out of town.” Telephone sessions are always available. Many clients enjoy mixing and matching services. They may do a one hour face to face initially ,do a few telephone sessions which are more laser focused on goals and then come back in. Others prefer all face to face or all telephone. We co create a system to meet time and financial budgets but allow for impactful life changes!