Mysteries of Coaching

My job is not to manage your stress, but offer proven tools to decrease the cascading response, and more importantly, to help you uncover the unmet needs and chaos creating it in the first place.

My job is not to just to motivate, but to prioritize helping you develop a mindset of knowing …. You possess the ability to change the circumstances in your life, and improve your response to the ones you are powerless to control.

My job is not to put you on a diet but to help you discover what your unique body and lifestyle requires and responds to….always in a way that honors self care. Additionally to fully appreciate that everything we do, from work, to relationships, to care or neglect of our bodies and minds, are all pieces of an important Jenga that do not do well without stewardship to all.

My job is not to sell you products and supplements but to form an evidenced based understanding of harms versus benefits, and offer an opinion when requested.

My job is not to be a reflect a perfect example of 360 wellness but to demonstrate a failable human pursuing its elements as a worthy endeavor.

My job is not to set your goals but to help you uncover the outcome you really crave and then create goals incrementally and repeatedly in your flow zone to get there. Forward movements which are interesting, energizing. doable and never overwhelming.

My job is not to change your habits, but it is to assist you in fully understanding their role in your brain, and how to outsmart the ones that are no longer serving you.

My job is not to make you feel worthy or strong or successful, but to support and guide you in reverse engineering the ACTIONS that YOU need in your life that will result in you feeling that way.

My job is not to make your FEAR disappear, but teach you how to be more comfortable with its presence….. and act courageously and intentionally despite.