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Change Your Why Change Your Weight

Most of us know the components of a healthy lifestyle but still struggle. What the head knows and the mind and heart seek can be two vastly different images…unless a change of perspective occurs.


Imposter Syndrome Solution

Do you ever feel like you don’t REALLY have all your career or personal sh** together as much as others believe you might? That it is only a matter of time until your cover is blown or you fail? Sometimes this is the dirty secret and downside of intelligence and striving for success. What imposter syndrome is and how to alleviate this thinking in an open, casual discussion. Tough topic made fun!



YES there is a science of happiness, and YES there are specific things you can DO to get more of it! Our personalities are 50-60% fixed but that leaves a lot of room for joy, peace and belly laughs!


Crushing Life Goals

Setting goals is pretty easy. Follow through, uh we tend to slip because we are human AND because we have never been taught how to dig deep for authentic motivation & how to structure our upward success!



Casual, funny discussion covering definition & function of stress. Why we have it and how we unknowingly exacerbate it and specific take home tools to reduce it. Come learn ways to get just a little zen.


Habits – How to Make and How to Break

On average, 40% of our days are spent completing habit behaviors. Find out how these loops and patterns are created, how to establish new healthy behaviors and how to replace or halt the ones that are no longer serving you!


Joy and Success Through Self Compassion

Do you ever feel as though life is just passing you by in a never ending cycle of doing? Of constantly measuring yourself as not trying hard enough ? Or continually being self critical in an attempt to overcome perceived failures? Come learn how self compassion is the antidote to all of this. How you CAN achieve greater joy AND success with the tool of self compassion.


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