My Spiritual Role Model

Work out Wear
Flip Phone Battery Charging
unclosed bread bag and drying bun.

I read the words of The Dalai Lama , occasionally Thich Nhat Hanh. I meditate. I pray. I eat well and exercise. But the biggest influencer in my becoming a happier, more peaceful person is the man who uses the above items.

Early on in our marriage as he sang incessantly and never sweated the small stuff I tried to change him. One must adult, worry more ,care what others think, and fit in. Blessedly and thankfully he has never caved. What happened instead is I have slowly but surely adopted his ways .Learning that forgetting was not a catastrophe, those that love us still do in our sweats, and by all means slow the heck down a little to see the little but BIG magic in our day.

The sweatshirt is a symbol to him. We are on our fourth boy to be finishing up at Bangor High School and he proudly wears this to the gym.(Yes in public and strangers have offered him money). His LG flip phone is simply a tool to communicate, not a status symbol and not to be given any attention what so ever unless currently ringing.

The open bread bag and drying bun is allowed and attributable due to his disregard and fret of the unimportant.

There is a bird that can not fly living around our doorstep. He noticed it while not looking at his phone or worrying about what he will wear. He was not ruminating over a past difficult conversation or anxiously planning the next one. He was simply walking and singing.

So now he feeds it. And if he remembers his flip phone he often calls home to ask if I spotted it today. Dalai Lama?You tell me.