My Mom in Law’s Walk from Nova Scotia to Missouri

Motivation, purpose and vision.

Topics of discussion most seminars and coaching sessions as a crucial ingredient in the arduous recipe of changing your life. My words encouraging thought and emotion regarding the what , why and for whom does it truly matter? An upside down version of the long lists of things clients dislike or want to banish.

Instead, offering a positive vision that not only beckons them forward, but keeps them going when obstacles, pain, and confusion inevitably arise on the journey. Meaningful reasons equaling meaningful change. My Mother in Law Vivian who is 83 years of age is currently living the testament of this power.

She originates from a family of 3 children. She and her sister are as close as two humans can possibly be, living almost 2000 miles apart for the majority of their lives. They talk every single day often for hours and commonly about missing their ” baby “ brother Roger who sadly passed 2 years ago. Unfortunately Viv has severe knee, back and hip pain/arthritis as result of working and standing many years on a concrete floor at an assembly plant.

This past July while my family and I were home in Nova Scotia , she went to the ER with intense pain and was unable to stand. As we listened to the physician telling her what medications were being prescribed and the need for physical therapy I immediately did a reading on her facial expression. After the physician left I stated ”you are not going to PT are you?” ( As an RN I understand it’s value .) This she confirmed.

You see as amazing loving and generous as she is , exercises for her pain and debilitation has never really been something she has embraced fully.

But now something very different is occurring. She has plane tickets to St Louis. ( Thank you Jackie) After many postponements and obstacles it IS happening next month. A trip she and her sibling are keenly aware may be the last. An opportunity to touch and see each other’s very similar faces light up in laughter. Her why ,who, and for what clearly present and within their reach.

The catch, the very real barrier being the walking . Through airports and girls shopping , an unfamiliar routine and larger home. So PT has been prevalent. She awakens every am at 400 am with her usual excruciating pain… And she does her prescribed exercises. And she goes outside and walks up and down the driveway. Repeatedly. She has found the most powerful of motivations. The one that carries us all really.

Love . Every painful careful step taking her all the way to St Louis to hug her sister.