Intentional Life

The difference between running through the woods in an act of self punishment, or to feel the magnitude of your own strength and vitality. One leaving you fatigued and empty, the other laughing with abandonment in childlike wonder.

The difference between mindlessly trudging through the tasks of the day and noticing what magnificent outcomes your uniqueness made possible. In one you are an ordinary tool, the other a hand carved masterpiece designed solely for those you will encounter today.

The vast ocean of difference in deeds of magnanimous gesture or an act of weakness and fear. One offering a sense of human connection, the other a bitter resentment.

The difference between merely hearing someone’s words and truly listening for mystery and emotion to unfold . One solely hitting the ears, the other the heart.

The difference in nourishment for performances of incredible feats yet to unfold, or to atone for imagined and detailed shortcomings. One leaves a woman a warrior, the other a scolded child.

The difference between using your cynic’s voices to motivate greatness or shiver and withdraw. One hastening success, the other failure.

Pay attention. Be intentional. Every Action. Every day. Never squander the grace of choice that others may not possess.

Life not designed…….Well, awareness or not……. Your soul still keeps count.