Individual Wellness Coaching

Things I know for certain. The ladies I coach are intelligent, capable human beings who possess the desire to live out their ideals of physical and mental self care. Their struggles vary from weight and stress management, to finding new careers and relationships or just living their life with more comfort, focus, and clarity. They have the knowledge and willingness to make change but have become frustrated in repeated unsuccessful attempts or struggle maintaining new habits consistently over time.

Behavior and habit change is tough – NOT due to a lack intellect, character, or drive – but instead to a combination of brain science and a lack of belief. A lack of confidence in ability to sustain changes permanently when there has been painful histories of attempts and falters. It was not your fault. You weren’t given the right tools to change your mind at the same time you were changing your actions. Habits are tenacious. Our brain relies on our habits as its first choice of action in order to conserve our mental and physical energy that is on most days…. tapped. Tapped by the running, chaos and stress of our everyday lives.

Furthermore stress is much more than just the physical acts of being busy – it’s also relative to our very  thoughts about our busyness like: “I can’t cope” and “I’m overwhelmed” or “I’m never going to get this right so maybe I just ought to quit trying and accept things as they are”…

Remember with past attempts you did not have help structuring change methods proven to vastly increase your odds of success. No one listened intently between your words to understand what result you were seeking and what truly held you back from it, shining a compassionate light on subconscious thoughts fighting hard against the logical decisions of well being.

In addition, overwhelming stress demands that you follow old routines to a fault, performing the same patterns of not just doing, but thinking, again, and again. Binge eating, social media, more alcohol than we would prefer, skipping workouts, and even more painful, the endless loops of self doubt, negative self talk, and chronic worry draining your mind and spirit all day long. And no matter the herculean effort, your brilliant intelligence is not the solution.

Lean Into Fear helps develop a blueprint with a “been in your shoes, empathetic, and light-hearted presence”. Your unique needs are always in the forefront. We approach the changes you seek by utilizing mindfulness, self-compassion, and the proven brain science methods of action in change. It all feels good!!

As your partner my job is to:

  • Have the knowledge, but not impart unless asked.
  • To be a role model not of perfection, but as a human with work left to do and battles to be fought.
  • To ask questions so that you can get familiar with your soul.
  • To explore what excites you and fills you with curiosity.
  • To dip into what frightens you and start to challenge those fears.
  • To fully know what gives you energy and joy and what drains it from your being.
  • To aid in clearing the fog.
  • To help you shift your mind, change perceptions, and permanently alter ways of being.
  • To guide you to never to go back to the way you once existed.
  • Bottom Line is TOGETHER ...
  • We crush negative thinking of all kinds
  • Perfectionism
  • Chronic Worry Perseverating
  • Procrastination
  • Deficit Thinking
  • Thoughts of Insufficiency or Unworthiness
  • People Pleasing

Still not sure? Take a look at to see the praise Lean Into Fear Coaching has received from past and present clients. See how others have learned how to create lasting and meaningful changes in their lives from the inside out with real, everyday, positive tools NOT fad diets, winded advice, or syrupy mantas and platitudes. I show my clients how to do the right work to grow and one day wake up smiling in disbelief at the the amazing person they have become!

There are a variety of ways we can work together:

Telephone Sessions: Individual sessions are $80 for each one-hour session or $425 for a package of six sessions. In addition to your coaching session(s), you will receive email support for brief questions and guidance regarding validated articles and website research for wellbeing needs.

Virtual/HIPAA Compliant Video Sessions: Lean Into Fear video sessions are HIPAA compliant and easy to use – no downloads required! Video sessions are $80 for each one-hour session or $425 for a package of six sessions. In addition to your coaching session, you will receive email support for brief questions and guidance regarding validated articles and website research for your wellbeing needs.

Face to Face Sessions: Lean Into Fear has a “Come to You” option for sessions in the Bangor area! Face to Face sessions are $100 for each one-hour session or $510 for a package of six sessions.

Topic Focused Coaching Sessions: In depth work on specific topics from stress to goal setting, to habit creation and more!! You will receive the same full colored downloadable pdf on your topic that is utilized in corporate settings along with four one-hour telephone sessions for a personalized discussion and solutions for your specific needs! This package is $300 and you can find the topic choices here-

Some larger companies allow for reimbursement of wellness coaching funds from HSA account. Please check with your individual carrier.