Individual Coaching

Create Change with a Coach

Create Change With a Coach

Individual coaching will change you! 
Stop doubting yourself, stick to your goals, and create meaningful change in your work, your life, and the lives of those you love!

You’re intelligent and capable …but yet you often feel stuck.

You’re killing it in the office only to come home and kill a pint of ice cream each night.

Or maybe

You just received your third consecutive “Mom of the Year” award only to feel guilty for missing your pre-baby body – and you still secretly harbor big dreams of building an empire.

You know that you need to make a change

You’ve signed up to the gym, found the ultimate meditation book, bought all the ingredients for your new eating plan – you’ve even written out your daily affirmations on little post-it notes, but somehow… achieving your goals seems just out of reach.

Create change with a Coach

Changing behaviors and habits is TOUGH. Not because you lack intellect, character or drive. It is more about needing to work with your body and mind instead of always feeling like you are fighting against them.

Your mind is POWERFUL but you are:

  • Exhausted from years of putting everyone else’s needs before your own
  • Doubting yourself and your capabilities
  • Unclear about what you really want
  • Experiencing repeated failures in attempts to stick to goals and create change or
  • Programming your brain to default into bad habits ….

It’s going to take more than just sheer willpower to make and keep the changes you desire.

You need a plan

You need someone in your corner with a clear understanding of HOW your mind works so we can use the Science of Positive Psychology to propel you forward.

As a Registered Nurse and Board-Certified Well-being Coach I have a unique perspective on why humans do the things they do, an innate understanding of women’s wellness, and an obsession with the power of Behavior Change Theory. I take a rare and sometimes quirky approach to coaching that helps you create lasting change – all while having a little fun!

Simply put, I specialize in helping my clients understand how to work WITH their mind (not against it) to finally make those life changes stick – for good.

How You Create Change with a Coach

I position myself as your partner so you can Lean Into Fear and begin to imagine what your life might look like if you stopped doubting yourself and weren’t afraid to pursue your dreams, put yourself first and stuck to your goals to live a life that lights you up. You create change with a coach who’s given you a blueprint, customized to your unique goals and lifestyle, to help you:

  • Explore what excites you and fills you with curiosity
  • Dip into what frightens you and start to challenge your fears
  • Push through the fog so you can see your next steps more clearly
  • Manage your stress and nip its symptoms in the bud before it derails you
  • Practice self-compassion when the going gets tough (and it will get tough)
  • Cultivate healthy habits that serve and support your new lifestyle
  • Stop doubting yourself as you build unshakeable self-confidence by understanding how your mind works
  • Feel more connected to yourself and your purpose as you create change in your life
  • Bravely ask for what you want as you step into your power
  • Say no to the things that drain your energy
  • Start making decisions from a place of empowerment
  • Feel more connected to your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Shift your mind, change perceptions, and permanently alter your ways of being
  • Live a life that’s authentic to YOU

Choose from a variety of options to suit YOUR needs. (Sliding Scale Available Under Some Circumstances)

You are not alone in this.

If this resonates with you but there’s still that nagging voice telling you that you shouldn’t do this for yourself, I invite you to explore what that little voice is really all about and to check out the testimonies from my clients describing the kind of transformational change they’ve created with a coach.

Only YOU have the power to change your life and it all starts with a decision.

Your struggles are real and valid.

You have the strength, power, and ability to make your most ambitious goals a reality.

Choose to finally put yourself first and create the change you’ve wanted for years.

Reach out to me today to see how you can get started on your journey to a more fulfilled, purposeful, and joyful life.

Looking For Other Coaching Options?

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Some larger companies allow for reimbursement of wellness coaching funds from HSA account. Please check with your individual carrier.

Topic Focused Coaching Sessions

Instead of Lean into Fear’s traditional individual coaching sessions (contact for further details) you can choose to work in depth around specific topics such as stress, goal setting, habit creation and more!! You will receive the same full colored downloadable pdf on your topic that is utilized in group corporate settings along with four 50 minute telephone sessions for a personalized discussion and solutions for your specific needs! 425$ Topic choices can be found here

Got a Group?

What’s more powerful than an ambitious woman with big dreams? A group of ambitious women, working together to achieve their goals.

Learn more about Group Coaching.