Group Coaching for Women

Group Coaching for Women


Imagine feeling confident, powerful and motivated to chase your dreams!
That's what my group coaching offers you and your team!   

 Things work better when people are happy, healthy, and feeling positive.
In group coaching you and your team learn skills, share ideas, and discuss how topics apply to your environment. 

In my workshops I offer solutions to problems that many women face. You learn both the science behind why we have these challenges AND the practices that enable change that is upward, high impact and lasting.

“I can’t recommend Shawna enough. She has helped change my life in such a positive direction. If you are feeling like you’re not living the life you want get in touch with her, she has a truly unique approach!” 

Emily H.

STEP 1 – Select a Topic

Below are workshop topics covering the most common pitfalls I encounter when working with women who are driven to achieve. You learn the mechanics behind WHY so many of us face these challenges and then science-based solutions that result in overall greater success.

Stress & Solutions
Learn the damage chronic overwhelm causes, why it is so prevalent, and take home a multitude of strategies to reduce the impact.

Designing Goals for Success
Setting goals is easy, it’s the follow through that’s tough! This workshop not only teaches you EXACTLY HOW to dig deep for authentic, personal motivation but also how to structure planning and execution to meet and even exceed your own expectations!

Winning at Habit Change
Unconscious habits can fill over 40% of our days so what you are doing habitually really matters! Get insight into how habits are created and then how to replace those that no longer serve you with powerful, positive practices that, literally, change your life!

Creating Happiness
YES there is a science of happiness!  Find out the everyday, simple techniques that result in noticeable increases to your happiness quotient!

Finding Worthiness and Peace Through Self Compassion
Do you feel you are living in a never ending cycle of self crticism and overdoing in order to feel worthy? Are you constantly self critical and know it is not helping? Learn how self-compassion is NOT a pity party but a tool for achieving joy and success.

Imposter Syndrome
Do you feel you're a fraud?  That you don’t REALLY have your stuff together, or are not REALLY as qualified as others seem to think you are?  Bring your team and learn how to alleviate this negative thinking and step into your powerful identity.

STEP 2 – Select a Package

With three packages there is something to suit every group’s needs and workshops can be conducted virtually or in person.

Premium Group Workshop

This package offers three one-hour sessions, frequently conducted one week apart and is optimal for diving deeply into a topic. As well as practicing techniques learned, teams are encouraged to brainstorm between sessions and to reach out to me with questions.

  • Three one-hour group sessions covering one of the topics above
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Team Leader Access via email to address questions between sessions
  • Color printed take-away material covering the session topic(s)
  • Return Site Visit – if requested for 45 minutes for Questions and Answers – Complimentary
  • Individual Coaching Discount – attendees receive a 10% discount on sessions for three months following the workshop
  • Total Cost: $825 (+Travel Costs if Necessary)

Positive Change Workshop

This 90-minute workshop is great as an introduction or refresher to topics and provides key techniques that can be put to use immediately.

  • One 90-minute workshop covering one of the topics above
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Color printed take-away material covering the session topic(s)
  • Return Site Visit for nominal fee – if requested a 45 minute return for Questions and Answers
  • Individual Coaching Discount – attendees receive a 10% discount on sessions for three months following the workshop
  • Total Cost: $400 (+Travel Costs if Necessary)

Laugh, Learn, and LIFTED!

This is THE package for ladies groups, networking sessions, team building lunches, or “Happiness Hour” with friends! In this casual, no pressure event we discuss ANY wellbeing topics you choose – stress, diet struggles, negative self-talk, habit change, or anything else! This is a UNIQUE and POWERFUL workshop guided by a compassionate, quirky mind/body expert in a non-judgmental atmosphere. You will leave feeling LIFTED!

  • One 60-minute OR one 90-minute session
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Individual Coaching Discount – attendees receive a 10% discount on sessions for three months following the workshop
  • Total Cost for 60-Minutes: $275 (+Travel Costs if Necessary)
  • Total Cost for 90-Minutes: $400 (+Travel Costs if Necessary)


Contact me today to book your workshop or get more information!

Each group is different and to maximize impact I work with you to provide a workshop that addresses your unique needs and interests.

The techniques presented are often universal and foundational and, as a result, apply in many situations – at home or work. I’ve presented at a variety of gatherings including large fitness facilities, women’s networking groups, healthcare offices, and downtown corporate offices. Each event was tuned to fit the circumstances and as a result created a more impactful workshop.

Reach out today with questions. We can create a plan to meet your unique needs!

Looking For More Options?

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Individual Coaching

I position myself as your partner so you can Lean Into Fear and begin to imagine what your life might look like if you stopped doubting yourself and weren’t afraid to pursue your dreams. Put yourself first and stick to your goals so that you are living a life that lights you up.

“Shawna’s seminars are engaging, fun and thought-provoking. I always leave … energized and motivated, and I look forward to the next one! I’ve learned a lot of concrete tips to reduce anxiety, tweak my thoughts to better serve me, and get over fears. Highly recommend her talks and coaching services! She is funny, down to earth, yet knowledgeable and very easy to relate to!”

 -Brooke D.