First Do No Harm

When I was SEEN a Nurse.

When I was seen as a nurse my entry to a room was greeted with sighs of relief.
Aid and comfort an assumption of pure intent versus acceptance with hesitant skepticism .
Offers of education and knowledge with enthusiasm and gratitude.
Instinctual trust of my heart’s intent.
Favors appreciated as kindness, not as a chips in a ongoing devious game.
Immediate gratification experienced daily. Blood drawn. IV in. Dressing changed. Pain scales lowered.
Bone weary fatigued but hitting the bed certain that tasks of the day were meaningful beyond measure.
Camaraderie was plentiful.
Laughter and sorrow in shared experiences with friends,  
blessed with the ability to offer empathy and compassion to the most vulnerable, suffering in pain, fear and often desperation.
More than half of my life.
Shifting of titles.
Gone overnight 
Who’s perception changed??My own or another’s??
The answer remains yet to unfold.

2019#Check Myself.