Don’t Set Goals.

Strange sounding advice from a goal obsessed Wellness Coach.    

But before you get out your multi colored markers and new organizers and engage your brilliant mind to feverishly begin writing goals…

Consider first checking your heart.

You see, we all go to logic first. “It makes sense that I would want to…………. find a new career, quit smoking, start exercising, find a great relationship, manage stress more effectively ” and so on and so on.

And understandably we assume with just the right strategy we can use our planning to figure it all out. When it comes down to it though, often we don’t.

I could bore you with the why, but not today. What I will offer instead, is an idea.

Write on a piece of paper how you would like to feel in 2020. Take your time please.

Here are some of my wishes for my clients.

  • Less Judgement,
  • More Curiosity.
  • Less Worry,
  • More Faith.
  • Less Doing,
  • More Being.
  • Less Hesitation,
  • More Knowing.
  • Less Boredom,
  • More Play.
  • Less Loneliness,
  • More Connection.
  • Less Doubt,
  • More Confidence.

Then cross off ALL Your less words and leave only the more. 
Trust me.   

Then use that expensive haul of paper products and List the Top 5 More. Then and only then, put your fabulous mind to use.

Plan in detail what you need to DO to make it happen.

Best Wishes XOXO