Do You??

Do you struggle with loneliness in a room full of people?

Do you feel your days are filled with a never ending series of tasks and little joy or pleasure ?

Do you hope if you just achieve one more success or find the perfect job or home or partner, you could then be content and finally rest?

Do you spend a lot of your waking hours tense, worried ,shoulders hunched, stomach churning ,imagining and trying to prevent future catastrophes ?

Do you all or nothing diet and exercise? Then chastise yourself for the nothing time with self recriminations ,spurning you on to yet another white knuckle attempt?

Do you keep hidden from the world a longing to test a new adventure or are paralyzed by the fear you won’t excel from the beginning and be harshly judged and criticized?

Do you accept less than treatment from others , knowing in your mind you deserve so much more but have no idea how to even begin to receive it?

Do you find yourself bouncing back and forth from emotional exhaustion and to over stressed and restless?

Do you wish you could simply be. Simply be. Just yourself. With ease and peace.

I have been in many of these places. Thankfully I was introduced to solutions. I studied and painstakingly lived out the answers. At times blindly on my own. Guessing, trying, learning, failing and adjusting. Slowly changing my own false beliefs and perceptions on not just myself, but on life itself.

You do not need to go it alone. I can offer guidance. From someone who has not just the expertise but the experience. To offer assistance and support in you finding what works uniquely and only for you .

To intentionally put it out there. See who and what is left standing. I will not say it is easy.

I will say for certain, you will find in the end ,what is left is so very light.

Only the pieces and people you ever really needed all along.