Awakening to Tigers

I awoke one morning and whilst the fogginess still lingered in my head, I stretched and turned on to my side, to find a tiger in my bed. With blinking eyes and beating heart, I tried to slowly back away, But he quickly followed, and appeared intent, with me to closely stay. He growled and […]

Protests PPE and Being Seen

Imagine for one minute you are a small business owner, the self employed, or furloughed and you have been 6 weeks without income. You have a mortgage, a car payment, utilities, and most of all a family that needs food. Yes food. You lie awake at night terrified that you will not survive this crisis […]

Wait..My Advice was Lousy?

 Yup Lousy.  Let’s begin with the fact that for 20 plus years I have been studying and practicing as a credentialed professional. I can recite ACSM recommendations for exercise, tell you the mediterranean style diet has the most scientific literature for health ,understand and explain details of chronic disease management ,and bore you with behavior change […]

Lean into Bear.

I recently attended a business event and encountered an acquaintance that I have not spent significant time with for many years. We caught up on kids and life fairly quickly and she inquired about my business adventure. Somewhere in our talk she mentioned she wished she was wired like me….” to take chances and actually […]

Don’t Set Goals.

Strange sounding advice from a goal obsessed Wellness Coach.     But before you get out your multi colored markers and new organizers and engage your brilliant mind to feverishly begin writing goals… Consider first checking your heart. You see, we all go to logic first. “It makes sense that I would want to…………. find […]

You Will

If we set goals together and you do your best to achieve themYOU WILL CHANGE .Not just on the outside but inside where it really counts.You will know your strengths.You will cope with everything better.You will lose weight if desired.You will stand up for yourself and feel damn worthy of it.You will allow yourself grace […]

Stay Tuned

Exciting service options and packages to be announced early January! Stay tuned for information/website updates on the variety of engagement choices Lean into Fear will be offering to help positively impact your 2020 !