Breaking up with Worry

Worry. At first everything about him is great. I mean after all he protects you right?? He keeps you from feeling pain, tells you it is time to pay the mortgage, finish a work project and helps plan the difficult conversation with a friend.

But suddenly you notice he is constantly pointing out fears lurking at every corner….and they might not be real. He is a habit. Right where he wants you because that keeps him around. ALL THE TIME.

Planning ,warning, planning warning….Avoiding all the unseen potential disasters.

You begin to notice a general sense of unease, racing thoughts, upset stomach and a feeling you will never,and can never ,manage without him……every waking second of everyday.

This is where the break up has to occur. It will be scary to give him up.  At first he will try over and over to convince you that without him your life will become a full on catastrophe. Just keep putting one foot forward and  tell him thanks for the messages, but right now I am going to take care of myself and ignore you. It will be hard. Especially at first.

While you see him and hear him ,refocus on you. Hang out as much as possible with the tribe known as the serotonin sisters .You can find them outdoors in the sun,working out at the gym or running on trails. Having a good night’s sleep. Eating lots of plant based complex carbohydrates. They will offer you calm and focus.

 Don’t stress that you might become a hapless irresponsible fool without Worry.  (He is the one telling you that myth)Serotonin and self care sisters are not at all insecure and possess an abundance of clarity and guidance. They will let you know if it is time for a very brief platonic interaction with ole Mr Worry.