Awakening to Tigers

I awoke one morning and whilst the fogginess still lingered in my head,

I stretched and turned on to my side, to find a tiger in my bed.

With blinking eyes and beating heart, I tried to slowly back away,

But he quickly followed, and appeared intent, with me to closely stay.

He growled and paced and followed my steps, to our downstairs rooms.

And promptly jumped up on the couch, where he began to groom.

It was then I began to notice, even in a state of mortal fear,

His claws and teeth so present and sharp one moment, but then would seemingly disappear.

In uncertainty and confusion, I sought answers, looking warily upon my phone,

To find the rest of all humanity, had woken to tigers of their own.

Apparently whilst in a twilight land, unaware and blissfully asleep.

These cunning novel tigers towards us slowly began to creep.

Attacks came traumatically and abruptly, devastatingly widespread.

Countless selfless heroes, not seeking refuge, but charging dens instead.

New weapons and new battle plans, were with such fighting spirits written,

Sadly at times too late, for the countless already bitten.

For those of us at home, doing our parts, by sheltering in place.

Our hearts eternally grateful for your sacrifice, given with such grace.

So mourning, grief and sadness, as well as daily fear still looms.

As we all adapt to the so unwelcome,

Tiger in our living room.