About Me

The Makings of a Wellness Coach

The Originals

Where it all began…

I was born the oldest and raised in Nova Scotia with my siblings Stacey and Jeffrey. My mom worked in banking. My dad was a teacher in physical education, then he became a guidance counselor and he was always a highly involved sports coach.

From a young age Dad instilled the idea that “excellence is key” in every aspect of life.

As a competitive runner, the blue ribbon was most coveted. The concepts of “digging in” to really feel the gravel under my feet and “finishing strong” was paramount. Life seemed a constant attempt to achieve first place.

These ideals definitely taught me grit, and resulted in the expected number one placement in nursing school. They also enabled my high stakes performance in a lengthy nursing career. I sought out positions where perfectionism was rewarded and valued. It all seemed to be working.


Striving, fighting, and having unrealistic expectations for myself for so long eventually snowballed.

I carried around huge amounts of unbelievable stress.

Add the arrival of my beautiful children and trying to fully embrace my role as a mother and things were becoming impossible. Trying to do everything to “perfection” led me on a trail of exhaustion and overwhelm. My days lacked joy and I felt empty.

In 2010, while interviewing for an RN Care Manager position, I was introduced to the idea of wellness coaching. I was intrigued by the idea, and always having a passion for physical wellness, it seemed like an amazing fit.

The Transformation

Wellcoaching was the start of my change.

I began learning about mindfulness, rewiring unhelpful thinking, and, oh my… self compassion.

This new way of thinking went against all my beliefs to “push through”, “ try harder”, and “never let ’em see you sweat.”

But as I followed the science and started doing life different…

…I started to see that keeping everything under control was what caused me to feel like I was treading water while my life energy slipped away.

Sometimes the change was difficult, sometimes scary (hence the name Lean Into Fear), but I continued to read book after book and take classes on mindset and behavior change. And most important, follow the principles.

It took faith (and some validated clinical evidence) but with time, the results were life changing. …They were life giving.

The passion to know more continued. I became wellcoach certified in 2012 and have been recertified every three years since.

In 2017 I was thrilled to be in the first class of Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the United States and I remain one of a handful in the state of Maine. I continue my education with weekly credit classes offered by three of the original professional bodies (Nursing, Wellcoaches, and the National Board). This allows me to both recertify, but to also keep up with the latest research and techniques to bring to YOU!

I have worked in nursing positions from pediatrics to hospice including mental health for three years. I practiced wellness coaching as an independent contractor for a number of health insurance companies and I have been the full time owner/operator of Lean Into Fear Wellness Coaching since January 2018.

How I Give Back

In Lean Into Fear Wellness Coaching I’ve spent over four years helping women (and yes a few men) with the principles I have gained through not just formal education, but personal experience as well.

I’ve lived it. I know what you’re going through. AND I know how to help you come out into an even better life that you love.

I am grateful to be married to my ride or die guy for 27 years. We have four amazing sons, two wonderful daughters in law, several grandchildren and a mischievous calico cat who, quite frankly, rules them all!

Need to know more before deciding? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Love to chat.

The Olivers


My passion for helping others achieve success results in my own continuous improvement. Below you will find a variety of certifications, media appearances and other links to my presence on the Web.

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shawna-oliver-b1a89b6b/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/leanintofearcoaching/

REGISTERED NURSE https://www.maine.gov/boardofnursing


WELLCOACH CERTIFIED in affiliation with ACLM & ACLM https://www.wellcoachesschool.com/

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Further Clinical Research https://nbhwc.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Systematic-Review-of-the-Literature-on-Health-and-Wellness-Coaching-copy.pdf

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